SRJC Hires New Senior Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences Saeid Eidgahy

Dr. Saeid Eidgahy

Santa Rosa, CA — Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) has announced the appointment of Dr. Saeid Eidgahy as the new Senior Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences for the Sonoma County Junior College District. In June, Dr. Eidgahy will replace Kris Abrahamson, who is retiring this year after nearly 20 years of service at SRJC. 

As an experienced educator and administrator, Dr. Eidgahy has taught at the community college, university and graduate school levels, and served as an academic dean for two institutions. He has designed more than nine new academic programs and 45 new courses in science and technical disciplines. For six years, he also served as the President of SAS Technologies, Inc., a company specializing in the design, implementation and evaluation of customized technical training programs.

As a dean at San Diego Mesa College, one of the fastest-growing colleges in California, Dr. Eidgahy was in charge of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He was responsible for several departments including Accelerated College Program, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biological and Physical Sciences. The school’s rigorous math and science curricula, outstanding faculty and course offerings have contributed to Mesa’s ranking as one of the region’s top transfer institutions, attracting some 13,000 students every semester. He served at Mesa College from 2000 through 2017.

For over a decade, Dr. Eidgahy worked with a large group of faculty and staff in planning the new Math+Science Complex, the single largest instructional facility of any community college in California. The belief that student learning takes place both in and out of the classroom makes the four-story complex unique with its many student project and research areas, meeting spaces, “smart” classrooms and outside learning areas.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Eidgahy has undertaken research in a variety of areas such as minorities and women in education, impacts of an aging workforce, educational facilities needs, educational technologies for instruction and the application of Keiretsu principles in educational settings.

Most recently, he has turned his attention to academic leadership and management. As a professional member of multiple organizations, he is a prolific writer and presenter. Dr. Eidgahy has authored nearly 50 refereed journal articles and a book chapter, and he has presented for dozens of national and international conferences.